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Plainfield Soccer Association
Coaches Code of Conduct and Responsibility
The following standards of conduct outline a philosophy that is paramount to the game of soccer. Soccer is a sport, in which it belongs to the players. While soccer games are exciting for parents and spectators, Our Coaches excitement and enthusiasm must be both positive and controlled. Uncontrolled or abusive behavior is not accepted at Plainfield Soccer.
The Referee: Do not use any fowl or abusive language or actions towards any referee. Do not engage a referee on or off the field no matter what. This is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy as directed by CJSA-NED. The referees are in control of the game. Each referee is as different as the field the game is played on, please keep this in mind.
First violation of this rule, the referee reserves the right to have the coach removed from the field where the occurrence has taken place.
Second violation of this rule, not only will remove the coach from the game but also from all PSC events i.e.; practices, games, etc, and will be suspended from participation of the PSA program for a time period decided by the PSA Board.
The Laws: In order to be a coach you must have an understanding of the primary rules of the game. Familiarize yourself with the basics; off side's penalties and non-penalty fouls. Don't be afraid to ask question. Rules of the game are available at
Conduct: Continuous yelling is distracting for both teams and can sometimes reveal the coaches lack of understanding and knowledge of the game. Enthusiasm, in short bursts of encouragement, is welcome and needed. Always show respect to all the players, referees, other coaches, and spectators.
Concerns / Appeals:  If you have any concerns or recommendations bring them to the leagues attention during non-playing time.  If you feel they have not been addressed properly contact the PSA Board via our webpage.
Equipment: Coaches will be issued equipment at the beginning of each season and are responsible for returning this equipment when the season is over. The PSA Equipment Coordinator will provide a Bag, balls, pinnies, etc and list this on an inventory sheet that will be signed by the coach and the coordinator together. When the season is over the
PSA Equipment Coordinator will set up a time for the return of these materials.
Offenders of this code of ethics and conduct are subject to immediate dismissal from any game and subject to being expelled from PSA .


Useful Websites: -  FREE website for any coaches who are looking for new ideas to create interesting and varied fun sessions for their players to enjoy.   -  A community based program providing resources, tools, tips and advice for volunteer youth sport coach’s and parents.   -  US Youth Soccer is non-profit and educational organization whose mission is to foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of America's youth through the sport of soccer at all levels of age and competition.