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Welcome to the Plainfield Soccer Association

Through these gates enter the players, their parents and our loyal fans. The Plainfield Soccer Association encourages healthy competition and insists on good sportsmanship, please help us support a positive and healthy environment for all our participants. We ask that all our players, parents and fans observe the following field rules.
  1. No smoking or tobacco products of any kind
  2. No drinking or consuming of alcoholic beverages
  3. No firearms or weapons of any kind
  4. No profanity
  5. No gambling or betting
  6. No arguing with fans, referee, coaches or parents
  7. No rude or abrasive behavior
  8. No dogs or pets of any kind
  9. No littering
  10. No throwing objects on to the field
Let the players play, the coaches coach, referees call the game and spectators enjoy
Non-observance of these rules may result in ejection from the field at the direction of our board members
Please help recycle and help protect the environment and keep our facility clean